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Total State Machine Hardback Box Set.

The final pieces for the Hardback book set are now all in place. We will begin shipping the boxes towards the end of next week after assembling the whole package at in Monmouth.

This has been a long journey but all you patient, wonderful people who have waited so long will get a beautiful package through the post soon. We will also be supplying an authentication certificate which will be mailed to you separately and have special messages for those who have bought the set. Thanks for waiting and here (below) is an image of the poster that ships with the box. The second poster will ship separately with the authentication certificate.

Cheers All, Pete @ PC-Press

BIshops Bridge Maintenance Depot gig - Ministry of Power
BIshops Bridge Maintenance Depot gig – Ministry of Power


The Hardback Book box
The Hardback Book box
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4 replies on “Total State Machine Hardback Box Set.”

Hi Bob,

Yes they started shipping this week. You should get yours any day now. Regards, Pete