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TOTAL STATE MORATORIUM – Reflections on Test Dept, the book ‘Total State Machine’ and the current state of things by Alexei Monroe and Pete Webb




Continuing the celebrations around the 5 year anniversary of the publication of #Totalstatemachine: the book on the history and continuing work of Test Dept, Alexei Monroe and myself, as the editors of the project and contributors to the book, felt we needed to reflect on the work and the current state of things so have written a piece each collectively titled: TOTAL STATE MORATORIUM.

They are attached below as PDF’s. Alexei’s piece is titled: Proven Inaction.

Pete’s piece is titled: ‘Speak Truth to Power’ OR ‘Stick to the Script’

PC-PRESS May 2020

Proven Inaction

Speak Truth to Power

TEST DEPT – Total State Machine book – 5 years Anniversary Price and Bundle

Dear All, We have decided to mark the 5 year anniversary of the publication of the Test Dept book ‘Total State Machine’ by offering a bundle of the book and a Test Dept T-shirt featuring the Cog, Hammer and Book design on the left breast. Available in S,M,l and XL. Book and T bundle will be £35 and book on its own will be £30 . Reduced for the anniversary period from May to July for lockdown reading. This book is the definitive book on Test Dept history and development. 386 pages and printed in Full colour:

‘Total State Machine’ is published by PC-Press and is a unique historical document and visual representation of Test Dept, one of the UK’s truly investigative agitators, authentic industrialists, utilisers and recyclers of society’s debris.

“As well as manifestoes, excerpts from tour diaries and many previously unknown stories and documents, the book also contains extensive interviews conducted in which they speak openly about their history.

Printed on high quality art paper, the book contains chapters and reflections from Paul Jamrozy, Graham Cunnington, Angus Farquhar, Stephen Mallinder (Cabaret Voltaire), Robin Rimbaud (Scanner), Marek Kohn, Malcolm Pointer, Ivan Novak (Laibach), Alan Sutcliffe (Kent Miners) and many more with an introduction by Alexei Monroe and Peter Webb. The book also contains original artwork, photography and documentary images of the group from all periods of their work.

With hundreds of artwork and event photos from the group’s archives and others, it is a highly visual book, illustrating the spectacular scale and impact of Test Dept’s work.”

NEW FOR 2019 – MASSIVE ATTACK by Melissa Chemam & Book Signing

PC-Press in association with Tandem Books are publishing a new book on 04/03/19:

‘Massive Attack: Out of the Comfort Zone, by Melissa Chemam

Author Melissa Chemam and Queen Bee will be in-store at Rough Trade Bristol for a very special ‘Massive Attack: Out Of The Comfort Zone’ Book Launch.

In association with Bristol Festival of Ideas, the afternoon will begin with a Massive Attack inspired DJ set, followed by an in-conversation with the author and Annie McGann, and a book signing, celebrating the release of ‘Massive Attack: Out Of The Comfort Zone’, published 4th March.

For more information visit our event page

Massive Attack Out of the Comfort Zone cover

UPDATE re Twilight of the Mortals Book

Real time update! The printer ran into an issue last week with the eco-friendly vegetable inks that we are using, not coping with the rich and dense black colour on several pages of the book. They have played around with a few different eco-friendly inks, and have eventually found a solution that provides a beautifully dense and rich black for those parts of the book where photos either have those colours or are framed by them. This has set the print run back by at least a week unfortunately, but otherwise, all is running beautifully as planned. I attach some images of completed pages and stacks of them in the print shop to show you the progress that has been made. This issue will shift the shipping dates back a bit – but as soon as we hear the exact finish date then I can update you with revised shipping times. Almost there now – and those pages that are printed look AMAZING! PW.

Test Dept Redux at Raw Power Festival – The Dome, Tufnell Park, London Friday 27th May

Test Dept Redux - Friday 27th May

Test Dept Redux – Friday 27th May


Test Dept Redux – Graham Cunnington, Paul Jamrozy, Zel Kaute and Charles Poulet work together as TD redux after a fantastic set at The Wave Gothic Treffen in Leipzig, Germany. This will be the first time the group have done a live show in London in this format. Expect intensity and power!

Total State Machine Hardback Box Set.

The final pieces for the Hardback book set are now all in place. We will begin shipping the boxes towards the end of next week after assembling the whole package at in Monmouth.

This has been a long journey but all you patient, wonderful people who have waited so long will get a beautiful package through the post soon. We will also be supplying an authentication certificate which will be mailed to you separately and have special messages for those who have bought the set. Thanks for waiting and here (below) is an image of the poster that ships with the box. The second poster will ship separately with the authentication certificate.

Cheers All, Pete @ PC-Press

BIshops Bridge Maintenance Depot gig - Ministry of Power

BIshops Bridge Maintenance Depot gig – Ministry of Power


The Hardback Book box

The Hardback Book box

Review in Times Higher Education Magazine

Times Educational Supplement logoUwe Shütte from Aston university has written this piece about the book in the Times Higher Education magazine: THES TD Uwe Shutte review

Uwe Schütte, reader in German at Aston University, is reading Test Dept’s Total State Machine (PC-Press, 2015). “Test Dept were one of the most radical British bands. Their extreme industrial sound fused sonic experiments with political activism, notably during the miners’ strike of 1984-85. In bringing together art, theatre, music and politics, they produced monumental events that assaulted all the senses. This richly illustrated book details a vigorous body of work that has lost none of its relevance.”

Test Dept Tour the Film DS30 and promote ‘Total State Machine’ book

Test Dept are touring the film DS30 in conjunction with the Av Festival and PC-Press. Here is a description of the film and tour:

Marking 30 years since the 1984–85 miners’ strike, DS30 is a political collage of sound and image. Commissioned by AV Festival in 2014, the film was originally presented within the monumental lines of Dunston Staiths, a structure built on the River Tyne in 1893 to ship coal from the Durham coalfields to the world. During 2015, AV Festival is touring the film to selected cinemas in the North of England and Scotland.

 Featuring footage of mining communities together with material from Test Dept’s own archive related to the strike, DS30 reflects on the group’s nationwide Fuel to Fight Tour in support of the miners. The DS30 Tour also celebrates the new publication Total State Machine, a unique historical document and visual representation of Test Dept.

 ‘It’s one of the most emotionally draining and inspiring pieces of political art or music I’ve ever witnessed’ (The Quietus)

For full details of dates and timings see TD DS30 Tour image