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TOTAL STATE MORATORIUM – Reflections on Test Dept, the book ‘Total State Machine’ and the current state of things by Alexei Monroe and Pete Webb




Continuing the celebrations around the 5 year anniversary of the publication of #Totalstatemachine: the book on the history and continuing work of Test Dept, Alexei Monroe and myself, as the editors of the project and contributors to the book, felt we needed to reflect on the work and the current state of things so have written a piece each collectively titled: TOTAL STATE MORATORIUM.

They are attached below as PDF’s. Alexei’s piece is titled: Proven Inaction.

Pete’s piece is titled: ‘Speak Truth to Power’ OR ‘Stick to the Script’

PC-PRESS May 2020

Proven Inaction

Speak Truth to Power

TEST DEPT – Total State Machine book – 5 years Anniversary Price and Bundle

Dear All, We have decided to mark the 5 year anniversary of the publication of the Test Dept book ‘Total State Machine’ by offering a bundle of the book and a Test Dept T-shirt featuring the Cog, Hammer and Book design on the left breast. Available in S,M,l and XL. Book and T bundle will be £35 and book on its own will be £30 . Reduced for the anniversary period from May to July for lockdown reading. This book is the definitive book on Test Dept history and development. 386 pages and printed in Full colour:

‘Total State Machine’ is published by PC-Press and is a unique historical document and visual representation of Test Dept, one of the UK’s truly investigative agitators, authentic industrialists, utilisers and recyclers of society’s debris.

“As well as manifestoes, excerpts from tour diaries and many previously unknown stories and documents, the book also contains extensive interviews conducted in which they speak openly about their history.

Printed on high quality art paper, the book contains chapters and reflections from Paul Jamrozy, Graham Cunnington, Angus Farquhar, Stephen Mallinder (Cabaret Voltaire), Robin Rimbaud (Scanner), Marek Kohn, Malcolm Pointer, Ivan Novak (Laibach), Alan Sutcliffe (Kent Miners) and many more with an introduction by Alexei Monroe and Peter Webb. The book also contains original artwork, photography and documentary images of the group from all periods of their work.

With hundreds of artwork and event photos from the group’s archives and others, it is a highly visual book, illustrating the spectacular scale and impact of Test Dept’s work.”

NEW FOR 2019 – MASSIVE ATTACK by Melissa Chemam & Book Signing

PC-Press in association with Tandem Books are publishing a new book on 04/03/19:

‘Massive Attack: Out of the Comfort Zone, by Melissa Chemam

Author Melissa Chemam and Queen Bee will be in-store at Rough Trade Bristol for a very special ‘Massive Attack: Out Of The Comfort Zone’ Book Launch.

In association with Bristol Festival of Ideas, the afternoon will begin with a Massive Attack inspired DJ set, followed by an in-conversation with the author and Annie McGann, and a book signing, celebrating the release of ‘Massive Attack: Out Of The Comfort Zone’, published 4th March.

For more information visit our event page

Massive Attack Out of the Comfort Zone cover

UPDATE re Twilight of the Mortals Book

Real time update! The printer ran into an issue last week with the eco-friendly vegetable inks that we are using, not coping with the rich and dense black colour on several pages of the book. They have played around with a few different eco-friendly inks, and have eventually found a solution that provides a beautifully dense and rich black for those parts of the book where photos either have those colours or are framed by them. This has set the print run back by at least a week unfortunately, but otherwise, all is running beautifully as planned. I attach some images of completed pages and stacks of them in the print shop to show you the progress that has been made. This issue will shift the shipping dates back a bit – but as soon as we hear the exact finish date then I can update you with revised shipping times. Almost there now – and those pages that are printed look AMAZING! PW.

Twilight of the Mortals: Softback, Hardback, and Deluxe COLLECTORS Ltd Edition with vinyl now available for shipping

Now available for shipping

‘Twilight of the Mortals’ is the new publication from PC-Press. The book is a collection of the incredible work of photographer, confidant, and former post-punk DJ Mont Sherar and the result of his 36-years of love for the band; Killing Joke.

The photography of Mont Sherar is beautiful, sometimes raw and gritty, atmospheric, unique, elegantly composed, and completely captures the essence of Killing Joke.

The band can be seen through profiles of each individual member, the band live, in the studio, in rehearsal and writing rooms, relaxing and in discussion with one another and in other seldom seen, creative settings.

This is a truly rare and unique view and representation of a band, who even in their twilight years are at the top of their creative powers, having produced a trilogy of albums that ended with the best ever selling Killing Joke record ‘Pylon’. Sherar has created a series of stunning images that we at PC-Press are delighted and honoured to be turning into a beautiful document of the band. With commentary and analytical text from some leading and insightful writers; John Robb (The Membranes and Louder Than War), Rahman Baloch, Fletcher Stewart, Big Paul Ferguson, Youth, Jaz,  Mont Sherar himself and PC-Press’s Pete Webb, The book is scheduled for publication Q4 of 2017 (regular updates on our official Facebook page).

Photo from the book “Twilight of the Mortals” by Mont Sherar

Jaz Coleman Photo from the book, “Twilight of the Mortals” by Mont Sherar


Photos from the book “Twilight of the Mortals” by Mont Sherar

Introducing Mont Sherar

mont-portraitMont Sherar, photographer, DJ and all round creative polymath is the author and photographer of the forthcoming PC-Press publication Twilight of the Mortals.

His relationship and passion for Killing Joke goes back to hearing ‘Are You Receiving’ being played in a club in Vancouver by then DJ and fellow Canadian Steven R. Gilmore shortly after its debut release in 1979. Gilmore went on to become one of the most influential sleeve designers and graphic artists in the industrial and post-industrial dance music scene. Sherar then brought the post-punk sounds that he heard Gilmore playing to a new audience in Miami, helping to set up influential dance clubs such as Fire & Ice and the infamous Kitchen Club as resident DJ and promoter.

Ever since then he has been hooked into the world of the Killing Joke; playing their music as one of the original post-punk DJs, organising some of their first US gigs, introducing them to other US musicians like Skinny Puppy, and in 2008 becoming a regular photographer documenting their journey as a reformed band who set out on a path of producing three of their most affecting albums ever.

We are pleased and honoured to welcome Mont to the PC-Press family.
Read Mont’s biography >>

Ascension Magazine sneak peak and interview

Ascension Magazine article about Mont Sherar
Hi Mont, first of all, thank you very much for this opportunity. It’s a great pleasure to introduce your work to our readers and to be the first to talk about your forthcoming autobiography, “Sex, WAX, n Rock n Roll,” and Killing Joke book, “Twilight Of The Mortals!” Could we begin with TOTM, and could you tell us something more about what we can expect to see in the book?

Thanks to you and Ascension Magazine for your interest. The book “Twilight of the Mortals” is essentially my best photography work of the band Killing Joke in modern times, with the original lineup. Virtually all of it is captured from a highly unique perspective. A mix of both onstage and offstage subject matter, including never before seen non-musical aspects of some members such as drummer and cofounder, Big Paul Ferguson. The photos have a highly artistic approach in the way they are composed and presented in a book of first class print and design quality.

Beyond the imagery, I’ve gathered a brilliant team of literary artists who, in addition to my own insights, provide qualified observations about the subject matter throughout the book. In addition to legendary post-punk writer, author, and musician John Robb, we’ve also got Fletcher Stewart, Rahman Baloch, and Peter Webb all adding to the experience portrayed within.

Why did you choose to call the book “Twilight Of Ascension Magazine article about Mont SherarThe Mortals”? Great song as well!

I would like to take credit for that beautiful title, but actually my wife Pia deserves the honours on that one.I needed a title of course, but did not want to simply use the name ‘Killing Joke.’  For me, the book is expressing much more than just a ‘band’ and certainly not your typical concert photos below the band front stage center. Some of these photos are transcending, placing the viewer in positions rarely, if ever, witnessed. It is really more about the spirit of the individuals as people and not simply the band itself. I’ve even given ‘personalities’ to non-human aspects such as Geordies guitar and pedals. I asked Pia if she had any ideas that could say all this in but a few words. The first thing she suggested was, ‘Twilight of the Mortals’ (the ‘s’ being added to the original song title from Brighter than a Thousand Suns).  “That’s it!” I shouted. I knew right away this was the perfect title as it really does express perfectly, what the book is all about.

Ascension Magazine article about Mont Sherar“Big Paul” and you both told me you are doing a documentary about “his other life”… Could you tell us something more about this project?

Big Paul and I met for the first time in 2008 at the bands reunion concert in London. I had met the other band members before during the 80s, but at that time, Paul had left the band. A close friendship ensued and I proposed the idea of producing a film based on his many activities both inside and outside the band. Paul invited me to New York for a few weeks and we covered a broad spectrum of amazing insights into his life. Things like the restoration of ancient statues, his own sculpture of both metal and marble, illustration, his blacksmithing of giant gates made of iron, and some incredibly cool fine jewelry made of solid silver. Naturally, this was also the perfect time to film, photograph, and document his own story behind the history of the band from his own perspective as cofounder, as well as both his drumming and songwriting techniques!

Ascension Magazine article about Mont SherarSome of these efforts are portrayed in the TOTM book as well as featured in the self-produced mini-documentary called, ‘Chapter Big Paul Ferguson.’

Questions and answers about “Sex, WAX, n Rock n Roll” ….

When will they be out? How can we buy them?

Twilight of the Mortals has a target release date later this year. Sex, WAX n Rock n Roll is my life story, still a work in progress, but is the next one to be published.  Both will be available for purchase through the normal channels as well as direct on the Pc-Press website.

fb-blue  Sex, WAX, n Rock n Roll Official Facebook page

Test Dept Redux at Raw Power Festival – The Dome, Tufnell Park, London Friday 27th May

Test Dept Redux - Friday 27th May

Test Dept Redux – Friday 27th May


Test Dept Redux – Graham Cunnington, Paul Jamrozy, Zel Kaute and Charles Poulet work together as TD redux after a fantastic set at The Wave Gothic Treffen in Leipzig, Germany. This will be the first time the group have done a live show in London in this format. Expect intensity and power!