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Vague Fanzines Book – Volume 1 – 1979-1984 Issues 1-15

Vague was the Post Punk Fanzine that tuned so many people into the joy of punk and the futuristic and hybrid styled music that followed it, that became known as ‘Post-Punk’ or for a period of time ‘Positive Punk’.

Vague promoted the notion that a band meant something more than the music and that meaning could be shared amongst like-minded folk, the ‘lovable spikey tops’ or the like-minded ‘tribe’ that people were looking for.

Looking For A Kiss:
A novel by Richard Cabut

‘Looking for a Kiss’ is the post-punk classic novel….. A drug-fuelled beat/punk, love/hate story…… Like a bitter sweet John Coltrane solo crashing into Einstürzende Neubauten….. whilst immersing themselves in drugs, sex, magic, chaos and the post-punk music of the time our protagonists Robert and Marlene struggle to find themselves and their lives in Camden, London, England….. Books like Looking for a Kiss are a flare in the dark.

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