NSK State: Fiat


When citizens of virtual state, which is a part of the NSK and Laibach projects, took it upon themselves to create a new currency, they chose a radically different direction than the blockchain coins currently in vogue.

By appropriating not only the physical materials, but functional aspects of the exis-ting financial apparatus, the principals of the NSK State Reserve extended the retro-avantgarde toolkit of the NSK State to bring the financial industry and its history into frame.

Citizens of a Virtual State


This book reprints the notes and bonds created by the Reserve, recounts key events from the history of this institution, and offers direct insight into their process and principles.
Can we subvert that control through the development of a global citizens paper currency, overprinted notes from past regimes. FIAT explores these conundrums!

What is money, how do we think of it in the current period. Crypto currency was supposed to be putting control in the hands of people and away from banks but that reality has not entirely emerged. What is the benefit of a FIAT currency over a digital currency? State surveillance, control of finance and the right to control what is valuable seems continually in the hands of wealthy elites.

The Book

The book takes us on a journey through NSK State’s recent history and memories from our own lives, because money is a place where these two elements, the public and the private, are intimately intertwined. This is especially true for the fiat, whose exceptional design expresses who we are as a transnational state and also presents us, as a community, to the world in the best possible light.
The outstanding implementation of our currency is a reason to be proud, and also an indicator of how certain values can rapidly unify us.