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Introducing Mont Sherar

mont-portraitMont Sherar, photographer, DJ and all round creative polymath is the author and photographer of the forthcoming PC-Press publication Twilight of the Mortals.

His relationship and passion for Killing Joke goes back to hearing ‘Are You Receiving’ being played in a club in Vancouver by then DJ and fellow Canadian Steven R. Gilmore shortly after its debut release in 1979. Gilmore went on to become one of the most influential sleeve designers and graphic artists in the industrial and post-industrial dance music scene. Sherar then brought the post-punk sounds that he heard Gilmore playing to a new audience in Miami, helping to set up influential dance clubs such as Fire & Ice and the infamous Kitchen Club as resident DJ and promoter.

Ever since then he has been hooked into the world of the Killing Joke; playing their music as one of the original post-punk DJs, organising some of their first US gigs, introducing them to other US musicians like Skinny Puppy, and in 2008 becoming a regular photographer documenting their journey as a reformed band who set out on a path of producing three of their most affecting albums ever.

We are pleased and honoured to welcome Mont to the PC-Press family.
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