Vague Fanzines Book – Volume 1 – 1979-1984 Issues 1-15


Vague was the Post Punk Fanzine that tuned so many people into the joy of punk and the futuristic and hybrid styled music that followed it, that became known as ‘Post-Punk’ or for a period of time ‘Positive Punk’.


Vague promoted the notion that a band meant something more than the music and that meaning could be shared amongst like-minded folk, the ‘lovable spikey tops’ or the like-minded ‘tribe’ that people were looking for.

Vague though, was critical enough to see through the growing number of punk bands who were seduced by the world of pop stardom and teen adulation. That disillusion often turned into a searching for the counter culture, or philosophy and radical politics, to find something that could inspire us to be different and to change the world around us.

Vague became the go to critical counter cultural fanzine that still found music irresistible but wasn’t just a fawning FAN zine. Vague also importantly had a sense of humour, it could laugh at itself as well as brag about how good it was and slag off those it found wanting!


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Vague the 20th century’s most fashionable and counter-cultural fanzine featuring: Adam and the Ants, Sex Pistols, Siouxsie and the Banshees, Public Image Ltd, Southern Death Cult, Bow Wow Wow, Sex Gang Children, Crass, The Pop Group, The Clash, Talisman, Bauhaus, Theatre Of Hate, Killing Joke, The Cure, Iggy Pop, Getting The Fear, AND Situationism, CND, Anti-vivisection, Stop The City, Greenham Common, Charles Manson.

Intro’s and texts by Tom Vague, Pete Webb and Matthew Worley

492 Pages, Printed on G-Print Artic Paper, Full colour throughout.

First Edition 2023; Designed and produced by PC-Press and Glenn Orton.

Printed in Estonia by Talilinna Raamatutrukikoda

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