Looking For A Kiss by Richard Cabut


Looking for a Kiss is the post-punk classic novel….. A drug-fuelled beat/punk, love/hate story…… Like a bitter sweet John Coltrane solo crashing into Einstürzende Neubauten….. whilst immersing themselves in drugs, sex, magic, chaos and the post-punk music of the time our protagonists Robert and Marlene struggle to find themselves and their lives in Camden, London, England….. Books like Looking for a Kiss are a flare in the dark.

Looking for a Kiss features:
Doomed punk youth. Teenage perversity. Post-punk faded chic. Personality crises. Feelings bleached out. Speed, art/sex, pop/art (distance – Warhol/Duchamp). Advertising slogans for the future. Breakdown, breakup and breakout. The Spectacle. Primal scenes, screams and schemes.

This special extended and amended edition features new text, photos and artwork. There are introductions by brilliant Jeff Young (Ghost Town, Eastenders, Holby City), Cathi Unsworth (Seasons of the Witch) and the author, non-fiction pieces about the novel’s punk, positive punk and post-punk background, as well as further original diary entries.

The paperback and hardback versions will be distributed to shops internationally, and will also be available worldwide via online outlets.

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‘Totally fabulous and restores my belief in brilliant, subversive subcultures books still being the active source of our imaginative capital. It’s superb in its occupation of alternative realities. An absolute marvel and the writing is just fantastic. Post-cool invites post-punk in the drenched lysergic prism of a novel of addictive transgressions redeemed throughout by the lyrical arc of a prose that elicits lost futures in the defiant present. With Camden as its subcultures locative, and its green canal the novel’s pineal gland, Robert and Marlene alienated and unknowable to each other in altered states witness each other’s blurred emotions with a philosophic acuity that both stings and leaves astute marks on their dystopian histories…… A brilliant, upending book in which ‘Punk was, in effect, a way of stopping your past from becoming your future,’’
Jeremy Reed, author and poet.

‘A masterpiece… collapsing temporal sensations in a manner evocative of the postmodern condition, seeking transcendent meaning within punk, acid, sex and living in squalor in Camden. Blew my mind.’
Adam Lehrer @safetypropaganda

‘Like a bittersweet Coltrane solo crashing into Einstürzende Neubauten. Books like this are a flare in the dark.’
Malcolm Paul, Expat Press

‘A drug-fuelled beat/punk, love/hate story. Like (say) Kerouac, it’s shot through with sadness. Not just the comedown, but the inability to bridge the gulf between the enlightened moment of Beatitude, and the bleak surroundings you exist in the rest of the time.’
Paul Gorman, writer

‘Reminds me more of US post-punk writing… Kathy Acker … Richard Hell… it is raw, cold, desperate, fucked up.’
Michael Gratzke, academic.

‘Cool, clever, magical, literary and very, very exciting.’
Photographer Gregory Hesse.

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