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Bristol Cube Microplex – Film and talk – NSK and Laibach: How an Art collective/Band set up a virtual state and their own currency

February 20 @ 8:00 pm - 11:00 pm

Ticket Link: Head First Bristol

Neue Slowenische Kunst, A Global State in Time – with FIAT: All money is ours! Film and talk.

What happens when an Art Collective and music group; NSK and Laibach, create a virtual state with no borders, and they issue passports and develop their own currency. Come and See the story of Laibach’s trip to Sarajevo during the Yugoslavian war where they issued passports to their Global State in Time, in the Film: NSK STATE IN TIME

AND the story of the development of a physical currency for the Global State as told by the authors – Charles Lewis and David K, of the new book ‘FIAT: All money is ours’ by NSK State Reserve and published by Bristol based radical publisher PC-Press.

We are very proud to announce the launch of the book FIAT by NSK State Reserve – An art project about money, currency, what we will accept as an exchange medium and the idea of a global currency for a global state.

Charles Lewis a member of NSK State and the Reserve discusses the book, the art project and the concept of money and the use of relevant symbolism in the overprinting of old bank notes to create a global currency for a global virtual state! Confused? Came and join the discussion and see NSK State in Action, plus videos about NSK and NSK state.


NSK STATE – new publication FIAT

When citizens of a virtual art-state took it upon themselves to create a new currency, they chose a radically different direction than the blockchain coins currently in vogue. By appropriating not only the physical materials but also the functional aspects of the existing financial apparatus, the principals of the NSK State Reserve extended the retro-avantgarde toolkit of the NSK State to bring the financial industry and its history into frame. This book reprints the notes and bonds created by The Reserve, recounts key events from the history of this institution, and offers direct insight into their process and principles.

This book showcases and discusses the idea of currency, money, art and what denotes a currency that we are happy to exchange and value. Each Hardback comes with a printed banknote with NSK artwork and an NSK Bond again printed with NSK FIAT artwork. The Paperback comes with the banknote. Each piece of currency is an artwork in itself and a former currency note or bond.

174 pages on Art paper available in Hardback or Paperback

  • Hardback £25
  • Paperback £20

Buy the book here

What is the NSK State?

The NSK State is a virtual global state. It is conceived as a utopian formation without physical territory and is not identified with any existing national State. It is inherently transnational and describes itself as “THE FIRST GLOBAL STATE OF THE UNIVERSE”. It issues passports to anyone prepared to identify with its founding principles, and citizenship is open to all, regardless of national, sexual, religious or other status.

What is Neue Slowenische Kunst (NSK)?

Neue Slowenische Kunst was founded as a multi-disciplinary artistic collective in Ljubljana in 1984 as socialist Yugoslavia began to fracture. By the end of that decade, the NSK groups had gained a reputation across Western Europe, America and Japan. NSK’s works and actions have commented on many of the political events of the last two decades. NSK is now widely acknowledged to have played a vital role in the political and cultural history of Slovenia and former Yugoslavia, even being credited with playing a role in the pluralisation of society and culture in 1980s Slovenia.

Who created the NSK State?

The NSK State was created in 1992 by the groups comprising the Slovene arts collective Neue Slowenische Kunst (NSK). These included Laibach, IRWIN, Noordung, New Collectivism and the Department of Pure and Applied Philosophy.

Here are two great and explanatory reviews:


NSK State website:






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